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Aquaponics and Ecosystems design

 Exhibit spaces can be used for restoration and support of natural ecosystems, not just for the confinement of animals, We can integrate aquaponics, permaculture and  biomimicry  principles into design. By utilizing these innovative methods, we can turn exhibits into ecosystems that are both resilient and cost-effective. My goal is to create designs that can withstand the test of time and promote long term abundance throughout our communities.

From Zoo to Bioshelter when we understand ecosystem design.

Mimicked ecosystems provide a natural abundance and space for coevolving synergies with connection to multi-trophic systems .The ability to create Net-positive habitats begins with understanding and valuing ecosystems. 

water feature
bronx zoo
aquaponic wall
aquaponic display
aquaponics display
aquapinic display
Aquaponic Display
aquaponic display
aquaponic display model
blueprint for small system
small scale ecosystem

Design checklist

This is a checklist for ecosystem design please feel to use for any animal exhibit design.

1. Can the system catch and store energy 

2. What is the recycled content

3. Does the system reuse water

4. Can you obtain a yield?

5. What is the connection to passive gains.

6. Can the system be connected to other systems to provide migration, foraging and niche construction providing synergies between elements

7. Can the system play a role in providing support to the meta communities?

- Rember its the process that brings life





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